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You wake up in the morning and realize that you need to lose weight. You have time to make a breakfast that will include some fat, protein and some carbs so that you will not be starving or even hungry until lunch time. Here is a delicious Keto Breakfast that will keep your body in Ketosis.  I shared this recipe on my Facebook page and a lot of people are asking me for the ingredients to this one!

1. Keto Bulletproof Coffee

Keto Bulletproof Coffee is a deliciously creamy way to start the day, and it provides you with a quick and satisfying dose of fat. It’s also great as a snack or as a quick and easy meal on the go. This recipe is a bit different from the ones you’ve seen before. Instead of using MCT oil, we’re using coconut oil and Ghee. The Ghee is what gives it a rich and creamy taste, similar to the taste of Bulletproof Coffee.

2. Chocolate Sea Salt Smoothie

This Chocolate Sea Salt Smoothie has many health benefits. It helps with stress release and is great before an early morning workout. It is also good for your digestive system.

3. Keto Brunch Spread

This spread was designed for anyone on a Keto diet, but it’s also great for anyone who wants to eat healthier, since the ingredients have less fat and more fiber. The beauty of this menu is that it’s all spreadable, so you can eat it on meats, cheeses, or by itself. And if you have a really big crowd to feed, you can double, triple, or even quadruple most of the recipes.

4. Keto Egg Muffins

You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why? The most important reason is that breakfast kick starts your metabolism, helping you burn more calories and lose weight (or not gain weight if you’re already at a healthy weight). But what can you eat for breakfast that’s high in protein and healthy fats, but still low in carbs? Keto Egg Muffins are the perfect answer.

5. Flourless Matcha Latte Pancakes

We’ve already shown you how to make pancakes with just eggs, cream and sugar so what’s so special about this recipe? It’s flourless, that’s what! While you can make pancakes without flour, the truth is, flourless pancakes are more like crepes and are less fluffy and more delicate. To keep them soft, you’ll want to keep them warm—served straight from the pan they’ll be a bit stiff. If you want to take these to go, pack them in a lunch box with a sauce of your choice or just roll them up.

6. Slow Cooker Taco Soup

For a lot of people, the thought of making a slow cooker taco soup sounds like an excuse to eat a whole lot of tortilla chips and cheese dip. And while that sounds like fun, it’s not really conducive to a healthy diet. (And the fact that most of us have a hard time eating just one chip might be a clue.) Luckily, it’s easy to make a healthier slow cooker taco soup, and this one will leave you feeling satisfied, even without the chips.

7. Anti-inflammatory MCT Fat Bomb

The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that offers many benefits for weight loss and health. Research has shown that when people eat a ketogenic diet, they experience a reduction in blood sugar levels, as well as a drop in insulin levels, which can help to reverse insulin resistance. One of the many benefits of following a ketogenic diet is that it can help to improve inflammation levels in the body.

8. Pumpkin-Spice Fat Bombs

The season of pumpkin spice is upon us! I am in love with the smell of fall, and the first thing I wanted to make when the season changed was pumpkin spice fat bombs. These are great to have around during the day to satisfy your sweet tooth without completely ruining your ketogenic diet. They are so good, you might not even miss the carbs.

9. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Low carb dieting is a popular diet choice, especially among keto dieters. For people watching their carb intake, bacon, eggs, and cheese are staples and all keto dieters want to try a keto diet breakfast casserole. I’m always looking for new recipes and my recent search for a keto breakfast casserole yielded a winner with this recipe from I like it because it’s easy to prepare and it’s easy to make enough to feed an army.

10. Cheesy Bacon Brussel Sprouts Casserole

This Cheesy Bacon Brussel Sprouts Casserole has a delicate cheese sauce and bacon crumb topping. It’s a simple low carb side dish that’s sure to impress your family and guests. Be sure to use fresh brussels sprouts for this recipe. The frozen kind just won’t do. Check out the photos in the blog to see how cute and tiny these fresh sprouts are.

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