The Pros and Cons of G4 Dental Implants

The g4 dental implant is a type of dental implant that has been developed over the last few years to provide an alternative solution for patients who are unable to wear dentures or have lost all their teeth. Originally, g4 implants were only available in Europe but more recently they have become available in Canada and America. This technology works by using titanium screws instead of traditional metal posts which attach to the jaw bone with two ceramic pieces on either side of the g4 screw. These g4 screws provide support for four abutments which then hold one or two crowns each – this means that fewer post-operative appointments are required while still providing stability and strength like more traditional implants would.

However, like every invention there are some limitations associated to them and after invention of system people have listed their issues and we have compiled a list to g4 implant problems they faced.

G4 implants is the All-on-4 technique where only four teeth are replaced with dental implant.Dr. Golpa’s G4 method uses All-on-4 technology to permanently restore your teeth with permanent dental implants, which is cheaper than the usual methods of tooth replacement that last only a couple years and require additional procedures within 5–7 years (Priceonomics).

Golpa G4 Full Procedure

The mysterious G4 Implant is explained in detail below:

Patients can schedule a consultation to determine if they are candidates for dental implants.

In the appointment, x-rays and 3D images of your teeth will be taken as well as impressions from inside your mouth that allow us to create surgical guides for our dentists.

 A treatment plan is created including any sinuses lifts or bone augmentation needed before surgery takes place all at once under anesthesia.

Once completed, you rest overnight in either hotel room provided by G4 Dental Implant Centers or go home with further instructions on how best recover after this major procedure/

Following their appointments patients return back one last time so we make sure everything went according to plan during surgery via follow up X-Rays and send them off with custom retainers made specifically for your teeth.

Common Problems

There is a list of common g4 implant problems that was faced by the patients who had gone through these kind of implants.

Some dental implant patients have experienced issues with their implants, usually caused by the failure of a screw. These problems range from an inability to keep teeth attached over screws and gaps between gums and cheek or even large chunks falling off in some cases where all that’s left is metal…Nevertheless the issues faced by most patients are:

Several Surgeries:

A patient may need several dental surgeries at once, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. The dentist might recommend a combination of oral surgery procedures such as:

  • 2-3 Implants
  • 1 Upper or lower denture/plate reconstruction
  • Gum recontouring from bone loss in the posterior areas (back molars) with an osteotome procedure for better jawbone support before tooth implant placement

Damage To Adjacent Teeth:

A person’s teeth that are next to the implant can become damaged and crack if they aren’t adequately secured. If any of these failures happen, it could be more expensive for them as well since damage would occur to their gums and other surrounding tissues.

Inadequate planning prior to the placement of implant device:

In order to ensure the success of an implant installation, a restorative dentist must spend time planning with oral surgeons. If they don’t consult properly or prepare enough for surgery, things can go wrong even if quality devices are used during the procedure.

Improper Placement of devices:

G4 dental implants are not easy to put in, especially for patients who have bruxism. If the implant is placed improperly or inaccurately it can break and lead to bone loss in the patient. All dentists doing the g4 implants should be thoroughly familiar with how these procedures work if they want all of their efforts to go smoothly when placing them into a patient’s mouth.

Lack of Interface at the dental lab while constructing prosthetic devices:

All G4 dental implants require a combination of four separate components: an abutment, implant posts and screws, temporary crowns (snap-on), and permanent snap-in or screw retained prostheses. A poor fitting device will not only cause discomfort for the patient but can also bring about several problems such as infection at the site where it is fitted in addition to pain during mastication. Thus all steps related to installing these devices must be strictly followed by professionals so that patients are able to have comfortable teeth with proper bite function once again!

Pros of G4 Implants

Though there are some problems with this kind of implant there are also some benefits of it.

Firm Foundation in gums: G4 dental implants have a firm foundation in the gums because it gives teeth longer life.

 Not moveable: These are fixed in place and not moveable those giving an edge over those implants where teeth are moveable.

Quick recovery time: After this implant the patient can be recovered in as much as 24 hours and if we compare this to other such type of surgeries then this is very small amount of time.


The Golpa method is a new and innovative way to get your teeth fixed. It has an efficient 24-hour turnaround, so you won’t have to be in pain for long periods of time, makes procedures cheaper than other methods since it’s more convenient for patients who can afford the money and travel costs needed to get there. If you’re able bodied enough and can cope up with the aforementioned g4 implant problems  then this might just be your best bet towards getting that healthy smile again!

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