7 Most Shocking Celebrity Implants: Beautiful or Disgusting?

Dental implants have been a huge hit among celebrity circles. Cosmetic dentistry has become more and more popular in recent years, with many celebrities going for dental implants to improve their smile. While celebrity dental implants before and after photos are often beautiful, there are also some that look disgusting! In this blog post, we will discuss 7 of the most shocking results of celebrity dental implants before and after photos.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Really New?

With the rise in cosmetic dentistry thsi question also pops-up that is it really new ?Well proofs imply that It is an age-old practice to modify your looks. With the arrival of technology, people used methods like removable veneers and aligners but prior to that, they had tried different things. For example, before machines existed ancient Etruscans made use of ivory for creating dentures which were aesthetically appealing as well since their teeth stood out against dark skin tones because white was rare in those times.

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Even In ancient times, Egyptians performed cosmetic surgeries related to teeth very early in time. You’d be surprised to know that they used gold (which could be called the “ancient grills”) for protecting their teeth by making bridges and crowning them with metal. For full replacements of their teeth, seashells were used as dental work on top of natural tooth structure surrounded by gums like a denture would do today! Pumice stone was also commonly found among Ancient Egyptian households while vinegar worked wonders for removing stains; naturally though you couldn’t find any advanced modern day items such as toothpaste .

Different Kinds Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Whitening: Because of the increasing fashion trend with white teeth, whitening procedures were invented. The first procedure used hydrogen peroxide and an infrared light to bleach enamel but this did not show any results so carbamide peroxide replaced it in 1987. Because carbonate was readily available at that time, people could buy these products for home use too! In 1969 lasers which emit a beam of pure monochromatic visible or invisible light were developed by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories (Maiman). It only took 15 seconds instead of 45 minutes because laser energy can be emitted faster than LED lights according what happened next?

Teeth Bonding: The invention of white fillings is just one milestone in cosmetic dentistry. We have read that there were already methods for bonding, dating back to hundreds of years ago. However, it was temporary and worked wonders still. The permanent fix came about during the 80s as we learned above!

Dental implants are an easy, effective way to restore smiles in people of all walks of life. Many celebrities have discovered the benefits! Supermodels and rock stars know how important it is for your smile to be restored with dental implants.Here is a list of famous celebrity dental implant before and after .

Mike Tyson

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has had a fair share of missing teeth. He lost one in his match with Lennox Lewis and another when he bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear during the rematch between the two fighters.

If you look closely at pictures from that time, you can see how many gaps there were in his smile after these events took place! One other interesting fact is that back then, gold was apparently seen as an attractive asset to have on your front tooth; Kiki says this is why she encouraged him to get it done and even bites her nails using them (she also seems like someone we wouldn’t want for our mother-in-law).

He later revamped his smile by closing up some spacing between teeth.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, famous for his charming smile in Hollywood, has had several dental procedures done. In Good Will Hunting he showed us that before the procedure his teeth were shorter and with some gaps. Now they are longer brighter more evenly spaced because of Jerry Bruckheimer who arranged to have caps placed on them prior to Armageddon being filmed.

Zac Effron

As a child, he sported a gap between his two front teeth. It disappeared seemingly overnight and without the use of metal braces. This leaves two possible dental procedures; Invisalign or veneers

The actor Zac Efron played Ted Bundy in “Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil And Vile” but it seems that he is not only playing an evil character on screen because as we can see from these photos where you go to set tattoos all over their face and change your whole appearance! The question now arises: how do those who play bad guys look like them?

To prepare for the role of Ted Bundy, Efron had fake teeth made. They worked similar to dentures in that they could be popped on and off easily. The actor’s natural teeth were designed to fit into these false ones so he would look more like his character while filming scenes showing him with a closed mouth or speaking words without them visible.


Snooki was self-conscious about her crooked smile. She didn’t show off any grins on Jersey Shore in the early days, probably because of that issue. To correct it and boost confidence, Snooki reportedly got Lumineers placed – a brand name for ultra-thin veneer made to straighten teeth (and also make them look really pretty).

Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s smile is like that of an angel and her brightened teeth only add to its beauty. It also seems as if she got dental implants done in order for them to look more perfect, which made it possible for her career take off too.

Milly Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a singer and actress who has gone through many cosmetic dentistry procedures. She initially had misaligned teeth, but now she has even spacing between her teeth because of the replacement of one canines.

Tom Cruise

Probably it came as a shock to you that in our carefully curated list of celebrity dental implant before and after we have Tom Cruise who is hailed as a perfect example of masculine beauty. Tom Cruise has a million-dollar smile today but it wasn’t always that way. He started out in Hollywood with bad teeth, too! But he doesn’t let them hold him back now because you can see how good his new ones are on the screen when watching Mission Impossible 6 or Top Gun 2. Tom had to spend big bucks for this transformation though and still needs aftercare even if they look great already.

Tell us in comments which was the most shocking celebrity for you.

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