7 Tiny Master Bathroom Design Tips

Small bathrooms are in demand, but making them look large and inviting is a challenge. The key is to make a small space feel bigger by incorporating the right design elements, such as using lighter colors, installing a large mirror, removing unnecessary accessories, and adding storage. Here are seven ways you can transform a small bathroom into space that feels larger than it is.

Get Creative

There are many things to worry about in life, from the mundane (like how you are going to pay bills) to the more serious (like your job). One thing that doesn’t need to be on that list is how your bathroom looks. Despite the fact that your toilet is used on a regular basis by many people – from family to friends to house guests – it can look very uninviting. If your bathroom does not look the way you want it to, you are missing out.

Maximize Storage

If you have a tiny bathroom but still want to make the most of the available space, you’ll need to maximize storage. The best way to do this is to get creative with your storage solutions. The first step is to declutter and sort through the stuff you don’t really need.

Go Vertical

You’re reading that heading correctly. Go vertical, not horizontal. Put the toilet off to the side, and replace it with a shower, bath, or both. These aren’t new concepts, but if you’re house is perfectly suited for a bathroom re-do, now could be a good time to re-open the discussion. Whether you have a contractor lined up or not, there are a few things to consider first.

Weigh Sink Options

Do you need more information about the different weigh sink options? You’re in the right place! Well, when it comes to weigh sinks, there are a number of different options available to you. You could choose a traditional weigh sink, but that could take away from the overall look of your bathroom. It’s also not the most convenient option when you consider having to clean the sink on a regular basis.

Use Wall Space

While most bathrooms are small spaces, they can still feel cramped. The best way to alleviate this problem is to make the most of the space you do have. The first step to doing this is to remove the things you don’t need. You’ll then be able to add a few necessities, and a few luxuries. To get started, focus on the big picture. If there are big blank spaces on the walls , start by adding an easy to clean clock and frame. Once you have that down, you can start filling up the walls with interesting art.

Stand Up Shower

Despite the name, a stand-up shower isn’t a shower in which you stand up. Rather, a stand-up shower is a bathroom fixture that features a cabinet and a small door, in which you are meant to store all your bathing essentials, like soap, shampoo, and toiletries. These portable shower cabinets are mostly used in combination with a walk-in shower, where the shower head is mounted directly onto the wall and the shower curtain is usually fixed, which makes it easy to store your stuff right there in the shower while you’re showering.

Keep it Simple

Whether it’s your bathroom, your closet or your life, keeping things simplistic can help you stay organized. A lot of bathroom storage products try to make your life easier, but end up just being too complicated. Put things where you can see them and don’t let clutter build up–it’s the only way to keep your bathroom simple.

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